Personal Consulting
  • Conditioning the human body must follow a certain set of principles. Regardless if you wish to change your physique or improve at a sport, the governing principles remain the same. Somatic Systems can take you through the right steps to achieve the results you need: 
  • Corrective Exercise - Restore posture; Re-train essential movements; Alleviate chronic pain.
  • General Fitness - Improve functional capacity; Favorably alter body composition.
  • Performance Enhancement - Elevate athletic performance.
Corporate Consulting

Corporations worldwide are recognizing that business success and prosperity depends directly on vital, productive employees. Our innovative fitness-wellness programs will keep your employees in optimal health, able to excel at their jobs.

Previous clients include Coca-Cola (Japan) Co. Ltd.

Fitness Facility Design and Implementation
  • Whether you are creating a new facility or re-modeling an existing one, we have the expertise to guide you to the best possible solution for your needs. Our vast knowledge base and network can assist you with:
  • Space layout and design
  • Equipment selection
  • Exercise modality and program choice
  • Staff training
  • Supporting elements (e.g. retail shops, food & beverage service)


Currently collaborating with SpaFinder Japan for the forthcoming Moscow Lotte Hotel, the Seoul Lottel Hotel renovation and the new Palace Hotel in Tokyo.

Event Facilitation and Interpretation

With increasing demand for international training courses and educational workshops in Japan, we have uniquely positioned ourselves to function as either liaison or host for event production. Somatic Systems' industry know-how coupled with our unsurpassed interpretation and translation services (Japanese & English) will ensure your event's success. We have worked with a multitude of educators covering all aspects of the fitness-wellness industry, including:


Import and Distribution

Somatic Systems works with carefully selected high-quality products that we feel are of great value for health and athletic performance. Please visit our online shop.